Revive your inactive users

How does it work?

The database reactivation consists in identifying the relevant population to revive in your inactive database in order to generate additional revenue.

Why choose Squadata to revive your inactive users?

Choosing Squadata means benefiting from a consistent repository. The email reactivation solution is available on the Squadata Platform, and it will allow you to obtain results 5 to 7 times more efficient than a traditional reactivation campaign.

The advantages of reactivation

Easy to use

No emails are sent to your contacts

Boost the ROI of your campaigns

Data reactivation at the heart of your loyalty and monetization strategies

By separating your inactive users, you increase your active contacts volume, improve your deliverability, save on routing costs and improve your campaign performance and ROI.

Our 2019 figures

Million email adresses
10 %
Average reactivable volume
more efficient than a conventional reactivation campagain

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