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What are the SHA-256 and MD5 converters?

The SHA-256 and MD5 converters are innovative technologies that allow you to encrypt your databases for free without transmitting them to Squadata in clear text.

Thanks to our JavaScript code, email addresses and phone numbers are anonymized from your browser.

What is the difference between SHA-256 and MD5 ?

The SHA-256 complies with the CNIL’s and GDPR expectations in terms of data protection. Its 64-character hexadecimal hash optimizes the security of previous hash functions. It is therefore more efficient and meets the new expectations of the legal framework.

In which cases should I convert my database?

Share an unsubscribe list

Transmit an exclusion database to an affiliate

Deduplicate contacts or leads

For whom is this tool designed for?

Publishers who wish to monetize their databases as well as to purchasing managers from advertisers.

Why choose Squadata to convert my database ?

Free account creation

No database transmission to our servers

Downloadable database in one click

They trust us

“I recently tried Squadata’s MD5 converter as part of the implementation of an acquisition e-mailing campaign. I chose this solution because it allows me to secure my user data when converting my database to MD5. The other tools all involved sending my database in plain text to the software publisher. Here, the conversion is done on the client side. The tool works well. I’ll reuse it.”
Webmarketing Manager

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