EasyDMP data management platform


The SaaS Data Management Platform (DMP)

What is EasyDMP?

A Data Management Platform also called DMP is a solution centralizing, analysing and using prospect and customer-related data in big volumes and in real time. 

EasyDMP is a SaaS solution (set up in remote servers in the cloud) to manage all the prospects and customers engaging with your brand, at an affordable price.

Do you need a Data Management Platform?

A DMP helps you transform your raw data into activable marketing information. What could you do with a DMP? 

DMP 3 steps

How does a DMP work?

By setting up a DMP, you may pursue one or a number of ojectives at once: to increase your client insights, to customize your website visitor journey, to optimize your targeting and campaign performance in order to increase your return on investment…

A company usually defines its objectives before using the DMP to reach them, in the following 4 separate milestones:

  1. To understand: Collect data from your website, your CRM,  third-party provider…
  2. To analyse: Define segments, user scoring, predictive modelling, KPI, dashboard…
  3. To deliver: Communicate user segments and automate scenarios in real time, cross-channel
  4. To activate: Trigger advertising campaigns (email, on-site, social, mobile…), increase your ROI.
EasyDMP in line with your strategy

Easy DMP makes your digital marketing strategy beat

From a predefined data dictionary, our solution will enable you to extract data from your CRM and from many other sources in order to  improve your prospect and customer insights by creating profiles, segments and combinations.

Squadata Data Management Platform helps you deliver the right message to those groups, at the right time. Use case examples: Fight contract termination, reduce shopping basket churn, identify inactive users and wake them up…

Thanks to various DMP-driven marketing actions: 

Cross-channel targeting, predictive customer segmentation, lookalike audience targeting, email or SMS retargeting, RTB display acquisition, first-party data monetization, CRM OnBoarding,  …

Our benefits

Why choose EasyDMP?

With 18+ years of experience, Squadata helps its clients on several data marketing issues.
Squadata partners with data marketing consulting specialists to help you imagine and design cross-channel acquisition, onboarding and loyalty strategies making the most out of Squadata innovative solutions.

Just like our clients, hack your advertising ROI with Squadata solution:

Our benefits


Want to deliver the right message at the right time to the right people? To fight cart abandonment? Try EasyDMP Data Management Platform  and tap into various marketing ad-operations (segmentation, RTB, retargeting…) to reach your goals. Ask us for a demo.