Email Targeting

Email targeting:


Email targeting, how does it work ?

How does it work?

Email targeting consists in sending in real-time a personalized email to users who showed an interest for a specific product or service. This solution allows to target your audience from a third-party website and from behavioral and declarative data.

Why choosing Squadata ?

Why choosing Squadata for your campaign?

Our technology allows to make the link between an email address present in a publisher database and an internet user who browses a third-party website part of a defined segment. The challenge lies in the ability to send a customized email to the targeted user at the right time. This email is personalized according to the interest shown by the user or their browsing behavior.

Email targeting at the heart of your strategy

Email targeting at the heart of your acquisition strategy

Our solution allows advertisers to personalize their campaigns by expanding their audience with third-party data. This solution allows you to reduce your mass mailings and create a qualitative relationship with internet users.

Our assets

Our assets

With 18 years experience, Squadata assists its clients and partners on several technological and innovative solutions. Our experts strive for the success of your campaigns with:

– A dedicated Traffic Manager as soon as your campaign starts

– Real-time monitoring of your campaign performances on our platform

– Quick and simple implementation

Become one of our clients and boost your campaign ROI with Squadata targeting solution:

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Whether your are looking for sending targeted emails or monetizing your data, our experts will answer all your questions.