Email Targeting

Convert your target users into clients

How does it work ?

Email targeting consists in sending in real-time a personalized email to users who showed an interest for a specific product or service.

This solution allows to target your audience from a third-party website and from behavioral and declarative data.

Scenarios adapted to the user's navigation

Social and demographic data

Age, sex, profession….

Geolocation targeting 

Powerful Web to Store drivers


Obbies, Intention to buy…

Email targeting at the heart of your acquisition strategy

Our solution allows advertisers to personalize their campaigns by expanding their audience with third-party data. This solution allows you to reduce your mass mailings and create a qualitative relationship with internet users.

The advantages of our solution

A quick implementation: 
One Tag is enough

Real-time monitoring
of performance

A dedicated Traffic Manager from
launch of your campaign

A/B Test

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