An incremental source of revenue for your media

Monetization : How does it work ?

The data monetization solution allows you to make your advertising media profitable.

Why choose Squadata to monetize your data?

Working with Squadata gives you access to a massive repository (more than 300 millions monthly visits) and generates additional revenues effortlessly.

The benefits of monetization

Get a new monthly


Improve your ECPM

Generate additional revenues

Boost your profitability

Monetization at the heart of your growth strategy

With our solution, you do not overuse your opt-in email users and do not put your deliverability at risk. Only users who previously visited a website and showed interest for the advertiser receive retargeting emails.

Get accurate and personalized reports every month

Consult in a few click your cookies
and optins partner's evolution

Get a visibility of your
monthly income

Analyze your cookies's collect
generated per week

Get a global vision of your
uniqueness data

Our 2019 figures

Campaigns broadcasted
Million emails sent
Publishers and partners

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