How does it work ?

How does it work?

The data monetization solution allows you to make your advertising media profitable.


Why choosing Squadata ?

Why choosing Squadata for monetize your data?

Working with Squadata gives you access to a massive repository (more than 200 millions monthly visits) and generates additional revenues effortlessly.

Monetization at the heart of your strategy

Monetization at the heart of your growth strategy

With our solution, you do not use your opt-in email users and do not put your deliverability at risk. Only users who previously visited a website and showed interest for the advertiser receive retargeting emails.

Our assets

Our assets

The implementation of our data monetization solution is quick and simple. One tag is enough.

Our assets

Understand our monetization solution

Patrick visits website A which deposits a cookie on his computer

A does not know Patrick but A would like to contact Patrick to suggest him offers.

So A takes advantage of his visit to deposit a cookie on Patrick’s computer.

Patrick logs on website B.

Patrick is registered on B with his email address and has accepted to receive offers from partners (his email address is opt-in for partners).

B owns email addresses or may deposit cookies

As a website B, you own email addresses or have the ability to place cookies on your user’s browser.

Thanks to its technology, Squadata is able to know that Patrick, who previously opened an email from B or registered on B website, also visited an advertiser website.

Interactions between A, B and Squadata

Patrick may now be contacted from A thanks to B.

Squadata may send an email to Patrick diplaying a message for A using the email address and the opt-in email address provided by B.

A pays Squadata for its service and Squadata pays B for having provided Patrick’s email.


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