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AcxiomLiveramp cookies allow advertisers to display relevant offers on the websites you visit based on your consumption habits and to measure the performance of their advertising campaigns. This service is based on the deposit of a cookie on your browser when opening an email or when you visit the site of one of the partners of AcxiomLiveramp.
They only communicate your encrypted email address in an irreversible way, thus creating a technical key associated with AcxiomLiveramp cookies. By depositing AcxiomLiveramp cookies some technical information may be automatically collected (such as IP address, your operating system or your browser type). AcxiomLiveramp cookies do not track your navigation. AcxiomLiveramp does not store any information related to your connection.
You can at any time and easily oppose the deposit of the cookie from AcxiomLiveramp by clicking here :


Leadplace is one of the third parties that may deposit cookies for personalized advertising. For more information:


This company enables brands to offer their customers and prospects more targeted and more effective loyalty or prospecting campaigns. As such, cookies may be placed on your browser. This company simply matches your navigation terminal with pseudonymous personal data when you are identified on the site. This method consists in collecting and associating in an encrypted way an irreversible digital print, for example of your email, to the cookie deposited by Graphinium. For example: [email protected] (which we do not pass) gives 5360363234E4CC988722B4C1E6A765B6E656D94450DB02F99F8821E446F8833C. This company can not in any way recognize you personally.
Note that Graphinium does not collect your internet browsing or your geolocation.
To learn more click here or to delete at any time this cookie click here.


Zeotap is one of the third parties that may deposit cookies for personalized advertising. For more information or to oppose: