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How does it work ?

How does it work?

The database reactivation consists in identifying the relevant population to revive in your inactive database in order to generate additional revenues.


Why choosing Squadata ?

Why choosing Squadata to revive your inactive users?

Working with Squadata gives you access to a substantial repository. Easily estimate Squadata reach rate for your website. WakeUpData solution, available in our self-service platform BoostMyData, allows you to get results 5 to 7 times more efficient than a conventional reactivation campaign.

WakeUpData at the heart of your strategy

Data reactivation at the heart of your loyalty and monetization strategies

By separating your inactive users, increase your active contacts volume, improve your deliverability, save on routing costs and improve your campaign performance and ROI.

Our assets

Our assets

– Simple implementation and in a few clicks

– No email is sent to your contacts

our assets

Understand WakeUpData

Pascal is an inactive user

Pascal is part of company A database and Pascal no longer opens their mail.

A has the same issue with a share of its database which is apparently unusable

A is afraid to send an email to Pascal because it could jeopardize its deliverability.

A calls on Squadata services

A requests Squadata assistance to revive its contacts.

A uploads its file with inactive contacts on BoostMyData platform.
A selects the volume of contacts it wants to revive.

A downloads its file containing active email addresses with the following information: last activity date and IP address.

Pascal, who has been revived, resumes receiving emails from A.


Do not leave out untapped emails anymore.
Squadata helps you revive your inactive users without jeopardizing your deliverability.
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