Email Remarketing


What is Email Remarketing?

Email remarketing aims to re-engage your customers, those who are already known in your opt-in email database.

Typically, the advertiser conducts email campaigns targeting their existing customers to re-engage them.

These email campaigns are executed using triggers and customer data such as the date of the first purchase on the e-commerce site, purchased products, etc...

Squadata boosts remarketing campaign conversions through "Customer Recognition":

The 'Customer Recognition' service leverages the customer's browsing behavior to send them personalized emails.

This approach makes the interaction with the consumer faster, more effective, and relevant.

The advantages of our solution

The Customer Recognition service as a loyalty lever:

During their navigation on the site, the customer might not necessarily log in to explore new categories or products offered by the site.

The Customer Recognition service identifies users who are already customers but not logged in.

Sending a personalized email about the viewed new product increases the conversion rate and reorder rate.

This approach reduces inappropriate email communications and focuses on personalized emails.

Since the customer's opt-in email is already in the advertiser's database, Squadata offers the advertiser two options:

     ✅ Providing the browsing data to the advertiser, allowing them to manage the sending of the follow-up email directly.

     ✅ Sending the personalized email directly by Squadata on behalf of the advertiser.

Analyse taux de churn

The Customer Recognition service reduces churn rate:

Customers who are not logged into their accounts and visit 'legal' pages to unsubscribe are rarely identified by the advertiser.

Squadata detects these customer profiles and can immediately provide the advertiser with browsing data.

The advertiser can promptly trigger a retention quality call to retain the subscriber


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