Email Retargeting

Turn your abandoners into customers

How does it work?

90% of visitors research before making a purchase or subscribing to a new service.

Take advantage of an Email Retargeting campaign to re-engage your prospects and:

  • Increase your brand awareness

  • Guide your prospects to discover your categories when they have left their browsing on the Home page, or your products when they have left their browsing in one of your categories,

  • Convert your abandoned carts.


The follow-up scenarios are defined with you, based on the user's engagement

Homepage follow-up

Homepage follow-up

Category follow-up
Product- follow-up

Product follow-up

Cart follow-up
Price-alert follow-up

Price alert follow-up


Restocking -alert- follow-up
Restocking alert follow-up
Event boost follow-up
Click and Collect follow-up

Email Retargeting at the Heart of Your Acquisition Strategy

Squadata enables advertisers to personalize their campaigns by controlling marketing pressure and adjusting message content based on user behavior.

This retargeting solution will optimize your conversion funnels and increase your ROI by 10x while combating churn, cart abandonment, form abandonment, and any visits without conversion actions.


The advantages of our solution

Quick setup:
Just one simple tag is enough
Real-time tracking of performances
A dedicated Traffic Manager from the launch of your campaign
Campaign optimization A/B testing

Squadata supports E-commerce!

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Squadata is a member of FEVAD, a French professional organization that supports E-commerce and distance selling companies.

We are committed to FEVAD's mission to defend the interests of its members and promote the development of E-commerce and distance selling in France.

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