Email Retargeting

Email retargeting:


L'email retargeting, how does it work ?

How does it work ?

Email retargeting or email remarketing consists in sending a reminder email to an unknown website visitor in order to generate a conversion: lead, sale, newsletter subscription, etc.

Email retargeting

Why Choosing Squadata ?

Why choosing Squadata for your campaign ?

Our solution allows to match an email address present in a publisher database with an internet user who browses an advertiser website. Once this matching is done, the challenge lies in the ability to send an email to the internet user at the right time.

Email retargeting at the heart of your strategy

Email retargeting at the heart of your acquisition strategy

Squadata allows advertisers to customize their campaigns by controlling their marketing pressure and adjusting their message according to user behavior. Thanks to our solution, you will be able to optimize your conversion rate and multiply your ROI by 10.

Our assets

Our assets…

– A dedicated Traffic Manager as soon as your campaign starts

– Real-time monitoring of your campaign performances on our platform

– Quick and easy implementation: one tag is enough.

– Embedded tags in different Metatags solutions such as Eulerian, Tagcommander, Lengow, Affilinet, Kwanko and Effinity.

Our assets

Understand Email Retargeting / Email Remarketing

Peter visits website A which placed a cookie on his computer

A does not know Peter but A would like to contact Peter in order to suggest him offers. A takes advantage of this visit to place a cookie on Peter’s computer.

Later, Peter logs on Website B with his email address

Peter logs on B on which he created an account.

B has saved Peter’s email address allowing B to send him offers from partners.

Thanks to B., Squadata can send an email to Peter from A.

Squadata sends an email to Peter with A message inside using the email address provided by B.

A pays Squadata for this service and Squadata pays B for having provided Peter’s email.


Whether you are A or B, whether you are willing to send personalized emails or to monetize your media (database or website), contact us.